University Fast Facts

6 Year MD Course - Approx €13,700 per year
Graduate Entry
No graduate entry course at this university
5 Years DMD Course - Approx €16,800 per year
Entry Requirements
Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths (A-level)
Entrance Exams
Yes exam in Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Living Cost
Between €700 to €1500 per month

The Medical University of Warsaw At A Glance

  • The Academic School of Medicine was founded in 1809, with the English Division opening in 1993.
  • Internationally recognised faculty with many awards and recognition for its contribution to science.
  • Affiliated with five teaching hospitals, including Public Central Teaching Clinical Hospital.
  • Recent projects include the Library and Information Centre, the Centre for Preclinical Research, and the Pediatric Hospital.
  • Its Rehabilitation and Sports Centre is the most modern facility of its kind in Poland.
  • Recently began construction on a modern University Centre of Dentistry.

Study Medicine in Poland at the Medical University of Warsaw

For over 200 years, the Medical University of Warsaw has been training students in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. And since 1993, the Second Faculty of Medicine was established to teach medicine in English, with graduates receiving a medical diploma that is recognized in the EU, USA, Canada as well as most other countries around the world.

The University of Warsaw offers two programs for admission. The first, for high school graduates, is a 6-year MD Program. Adopting the EU standards of teaching medicine, the University of Warsaw offers students 5700 hours of general medicine, pre-clinical and clinical course studies, and a Medical Degree upon graduation.

Candidates who apply to study medicine in Warsaw from outside of Poland will need to pass an entrance exam in English on the subjects of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Testing times and locations are offered in locations across Europe, Asia, Canada and the US for prospective students to register for the exam.

A second program offered by the university to study medicine in Warsaw is the Advanced MD Program in English. Applicants are required to hold a Bachelor’s degree and a pre-med college graduate certificate with at least 1200 hours of pre-med courses.

The University of Warsaw Medical School faculty has received national and international recognition for its contributions to science and the field of medicine. For this reason, the Medical University of Warsaw is a highly desirable school for students to study medicine in Warsaw, not just in Poland, but across the world.

Warsaw at a Glance

  • Dormitories for accommodation cost between 60-80 EUR per month for a shared room and 100-150 EUR per month for a single room.
  • You can also rent a private residence off campus. With so many students living in Poland, most realtors will be able to help you find suitable accommodation.
  • Warsaw's rebuilt Old Town features the Royal Castle as well as many bars and restaurants.
  • There are many culturally relevant and beautiful places to visit include The Palace of Culture and Science, Museum of the History of Polish Jews, The National Museum, and The Warsaw Uprising Museum.
  • Lovers of shopping will enjoy Nowy Świat Street with its many boutiques and upscale shops.
  • Extensive transportation system allows for easy accessibility anywhere in the city.
  • With a lower cost of living compared to most other European countries, Warsaw is ideal for medical students to live and learn.