Study Medicine in Lithuania at top Baltic universities

Prepare for your entrance exams and secure your place to study medicine or dentistry in Lithuania with LMA!

Lithuania is one of the most bilingual nations in Europe, so international students are welcomed into this pro-English culture. Most Lithuanians speak not only their native language, but also Russian and English, which means that more people are choosing to study medicine in Lithuania.

There are numerous universities in Lithuania offering international students English-language study programs. After graduation, those who study medicine in the Lithuania are qualified to work in the UK and across Europe, and can continue to qualify for specialist training in any UK hospital.

You’ll find that tuition fees are generally much lower than most medical schools, and the primary entry requirement is to have a high school diploma with a focus on Chemistry and Biology.

You can also study dentistry in Lithuania, please read our dentistry page for more information.

How can we help you to study medicine in Lithuania?

We offer a full application management service to the medical universities shown below. The cost for this service is £499 per university.

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Admission requirements to study medicine in Lithuania include:

• A-Level (or equivalent high school) passes in Biology and Chemistry (having also Maths or Physics is an advantage).
• Entrance exam covering the subjects of biology and chemistry.
• Medical certificate demonstrating good health.
• An English language certificate for non-native speakers.

More detailed information is available on the individual university pages. For the best preparation for your entrance exam to study medicine in Europe, we recommend taking a pre-med course, to help ensure that you will pass the exam.

Degrees to study medicine in Lithuania for international students are offered at the following universities: