Study medicine in Europe with undergraduate entry medicine courses taught in English and lasting 6 years.

In the UK there are strict entry requirements for studying medicine, as students are required to have minimum of 3 A-Levels at grade A. This is not the case in Europe. As well as this, because of the high tuition fees and a low places to applications ratio, studying medicine in the UK is not always a viable option for UK residents and because of this, many UK students choose to study in Europe.

In Europe, each country and university has different costs for studying medicine ranging from €2,000 – €20,000 per year and each university has their own criteria for being able to study, in terms of students previous qualifications.

Reasons to study medicine in Europe:

  • No wasting of your time through repeated attempts at applications to medical programmes in the UK
  • Classes and materials are in English
  • Medical University entrance exams are the deciding factor as opposed to final high school grades
  • Medical education at leading universities in Europe
  • Experiencing new cultures and a diversity of fellow students
  • International career opportunities
  • Cheaper cost of living than in home countries, in many cases
  • Reasonable tuition costs

How can we help you to Study Medicine in Europe?

We can help you secure a place at the perfect medical school to suit your needs and budget, as we work with a network of over 40 different medical universities in 16 different European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova and Armenia.

These schools offer the best medical education in Europe with courses taught entirely in English, which is comparable to studying medicine in the UK and all schools in our network are recognised by the GMC (General Medical Council).

The very best medical universities in Europe require applicants to pass tough entrance exams in order to be offered a place. These are equivalent to the entrance exams used by medical universities in the UK and are usually focused on biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, mathematics and cognitive skills (problem solving). Depending on which universities you are applying to and based on your current academic background in science subjects, we can help you to pass these exams with either a self study tuition package, or you can enrol onto one of our pre-med study courses which are designed specifically to help students to pass the entrance exams for European medical universities.

Within our medical university network we have have several partner universities who we have worked with for several years. We can fully recommend these universities due to their exceptional facilities, reputation and feedback from our past students. Because of our close relationship with these partner universities, students who apply with us have a better chance of being offered a place to study at these medical schools because of the reputation of our previous students.

To see if you are eligible to study medicine in Europe, why not book a free online consultation with us where we can assess your criteria and start you on your journey to studying medicine and following your dreams of becoming a doctor.