University Fast Facts

6 Year MD Course - Approx €10,300 per year
Graduate Entry
No graduate entry course at this university
No Dentistry course at this university
Entry Requirements
A-Levels in any subjects
Entrance Exams
Yes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Living Cost
Approx €700 to €1,500 per month

The Medical University of Silesia At A Glance

  • The largest medical school in Poland which was established in 1948
  • Located in Katowice in the south of Poland
  • Has over 10,000 foreign students from all over the world
  • Faculty has a 5 clinical hospitals located in the city of Katowice having university clinical centre along with public clinical hospital affiliated to clinics of Poland
  • Has a 6 year medical undergraduate MD programme

Study Medicine in Poland at the Medical University of Silesia

The Medical University of Silesia is the largest medical school in Poland and was established on the 20th of March 1948. It is located in Katowice in the south of Poland.

At first it was given the name Medical Academy and was placed in Rokitnica Bytomska. During first five years University consisted of one school of medicine and dentistry department.

In 1971 the headquarters of the Medical University of Silesia was moved to Katowice and then became the largest medical school in Poland. Three new schools were opened i.e. School of Pharmacy with the Unit of Medical Analytics, second School of Medicine and School of Nursery (further included to second School of Medicine).

In 1996 the university was accredited by United States Department of Education and an English language division was established. Further expansion of educational profile took place after the year 2000 with the School of Health Care in 2001 and in 2002 the School of Public Health.

Now in five schools is provided process of education on 16 fields of studies focused on preparing specialists for work in various communities and national health care system. The Medical University of Silesia provides education to over 10,000 students, PhD and postgraduate students. The University conducts also classes in English (English Program) for students from all over the world.

Katowice at a Glance

  • Dormitories for accommodation cost between 100-120 EUR per month for a shared room and 160-200 EUR per month for a single room.
  • You can also rent a private residence off campus. With so many students living in Poland, most realtors will be able to help you find suitable accommodation.
  • Katowice city is the capital of Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. The city has a population of over 300,000 having 2.1 metropolitan area.
  • The city has several cultural centers including Wyspianski Silesian Theatre, Silesian Philharmonic, Silesian museum and numerous music clubs.
  • There are lots of cultural events in Katowice. Exhibitions, concerts, festivals, spectacles and so on - they all happen in galleries, clubs and theaters.
  • Katowice City has plenty of green spaces and parks such as Silesian Culture, Refreshment park, Tadeusz Kosciuszko Park and Zadole park.