Study Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe From only £3,000 per year with option to study first year online from UK

We can secure you a place to study graduate entry medicine in Europe with our easy placement service.

A few European countries offer the opportunity to study graduate entry in Europe through their study programmes taught entirely in English. These European medical universities provide quality education that is very comparable to their UK counterparts with universities that are f recognised by the GMC (General Medical Council).

A Graduate Entry Medicine course is open to those with a previous bachelor’s degree. Many universities require the previous degree to be natural science related, but not all (such as in Cyprus).

It is usually a four-year accelerated degree but in some universities it is a five-year course and depending on your previous studies can also possible be 3 years.

A graduate entry medicine degree in Europe is recognised across the UK, EU, as well as other countries around the world, such as the US.

Study Online In The UK

The International European University in Ukraine offers the option to study partly online for all courses which means that you can stay in the UK for your pre-clinical study years. Depending on you previous studies, your graduate entry course could be 3-5 years which could mean studying up to 2 years online from the UK.

Lectures will be live streamed to students and will also be recorded and sent to students so that they can be watched back later.

Students will also be given a bank of questions for each subject which they can use to revise and improve their knowledge.

The lecturers will also give each student individual 121 time to go through questions and sections of the syllabus that they need help with.

All exams will be held online and will consist of both multiple choice and open questions.

Admission requirements to study graduate entry medicine in Europe

The admission criteria for the graduate entry medicine studies in Europe vary from university to university, as some courses will require a science related degree and others will not.

You will also have to take an entrance exams which will usually be the MCAT exam which we can help you prepare for with either a self study tuition package, or you can enrol onto one of our MCAT pre-med study courses which is designed specifically to help students to pass the MCAT exam.

How can we help you to study graduate entry medicine in Europe?

As we work with over 40 medical universities in Europe, we can help you secure a place to study graduate entry medicine at the perfect school to suit your needs and budget. We provide a full application management and placement service for graduate entry medicine (4 year MD) courses.

The best medical universities in Europe require applicants to pass tough entrance exams. We can help you to pass these exams with either a self study tuition package, or you can enrol onto one of our pre-med study courses which are designed specifically to help students to pass the entrance exams for European medical universities.

Watch our testimonial videos to see what our students say about applying with us, and how we have helped them to study medicine in Europe.

Where to study graduate entry medicine in Europe

Currently you can study graduate entry medicine in Europe in the following universities:

  • International European University (Ukraine) – Study from €3,000 per year (Option to study first year online)
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Poland) – Study from €14,500 per year
  • Medical University Of Lodz (Poland) – Study from €14,700 per year
  • University Of Nicosia (Cyprus) – Study from €30,000 per year

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