University Fast Facts

6 Year MD Course - Approx €11,400 per year
Graduate Entry
No graduate entry course at this university
5 Years DMD Course - Approx €13,300 per year
Entry Requirements
2 of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths (A-level)
Entrance Exams
Yes exam in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Living Cost
Approx €700 to €1,500 per month

The Medical University of Lodz At A Glance

  • The Academic School of Medicine was founded in 2002, with the English Division opening in 2003.
  • Presently has over 900 foreign students from various countries
  • Affiliated with four teaching hospitals, with over 50 000 patients in University affiliated wards each year
  • Has a 6 year medical undergraduate MD programme
  • Has a 5 year advanced medical graduate entry MD programme
  • Has a 5 year dentistry DMD programme

Study Medicine in Poland at the Medical University of Lodz

The Medical University of Lodz is the largest public medical university in Poland. Its mission is focused on:

– educating students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing as well as in other medicine-related disciplines
– educating research staff (PhD programs)
– conducting research and scientific activity
– developing postgraduate programs offer.

Medical teaching in English was initiated in 2003/2004. Presently over 900 foreign students from various countries attend 6-year MD (Medicine), Advanced MD and 5-year DMD (Dentistry) programs and over 600 have already graduated. The programs are taught entirely in English and are comprehensive enough to be accepted internationally.

Lodz at a Glance

  • Dormitories for accommodation cost between 100-120 EUR per month for a shared room and 100-150 EUR per month for a single room.
  • You can also rent a private residence off campus. With so many students living in Poland, most realtors will be able to help you find suitable accommodation.
  • Since 2000 has been gradually reinventing itself as a modern metropolis (it is Poland's third-largest city).
  • Lodz famous for its architecture (both historic and modern), and its colourful street art.
  • It has many fine museums, art galleries and swinging, affordable nightlife.
  • It is also the centre of Poland's film industry.