Why choose us?

We appreciate that there are lots agencies that will offer to help you to get a place to study medicine in Europe, so why should you choose us? Here are the key reasons:

  1. Our network of over 40 medical universities in Europe

    We work with a network of over 40 different medical universities in 16 different European countries, which means that we can support you to get a place at any of these universities. Lots of other agencies only have relationships with a few universities, meaning that your options of where to study are limited. We also offer guaranteed placement to partner universities in Georgia and Ukraine.

  2. Study at the best medical universities

    The best medical universities in Europe require applicants to pass tough entrance exams in order to be offered a place and we can help you pass these entrance exams through our partnership with London Medical Academy. Lots of other agencies are unable to help you with these entrance exams, meaning again that your university options are limited.

  3. Partner Universities

    Within our medical university network we have have several partner universities who we have worked with for several years. We can fully recommend these universities due to their exceptional facilities, reputation and feedback from our past students. Because of our close relationship with these partner universities, students who apply with us have a better chance of being offered a place to study at these medical schools because of the reputation of our previous students.

  4. Reasonable Agency Fees (free service also available)

    Our fees are very reasonable compared to that of some other agencies. We believe that the price of our application management and placement services, our years of experience in student university placement and the highly professional nature of our service means that we offer a great all-in-one service at a great price. We also offer application management to our partner universities absolutely free.

  5. Guaranteed Placement

    We offer a guaranteed entry placement service to our partner universities in Georgia & Ukraine. This also includes a personal academic consultation to select the best school for your needs. We also offer a money back guarantee for this service. If after submitting your application you are not offered a place at your chosen university then we will offer you a full refund.