University Fast Facts

6 Year MD Course - Approx €8,000 per year
Graduate Entry
No graduate entry course at this university
5 Years DMD Course - Approx €8,000 per year
Entry Requirements
Biology and Chemistry (A-level)
Entrance Exams
Yes in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy
Living Cost
Approx €1,000 to €1,500 per month

The Medical University of Sofia At A Glance

  • Founded in 1917.
  • Currently, around 8300 students.
  • Four Faculties - Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy & Public Health.
  • The focus of Medical University of Sofia is the development of students, professionally, personally and intellectually to participate and contribute fully to the changing world.
  • Socrates and Erasmus programs.
  • The University is linked with 14 hospitals, including the Medical Center Maichin.
  • Dom and University Hospital Alexandrovska.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at The Medical University of Sofia

Attracted to the benefits of studying abroad? Not just the lower cost of tuition found in Bulgaria or the excellence of the teaching program, the study of medicine in Sofia offers the chance to mature and grow personally, as well as professionally. Overseas students are known to amass skills of problem-solving, communication and networking through the experience of having to confront life from a new and challenging perspective. Studying at the Medical University of Sofia offers you this and much more.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and houses the country’s oldest medical training facility. The Sofia Medical University ranking places it as the top-ranked medical training facility in Bulgaria and holds a high accreditation in several global directories including WHO and IMED (International Medical Education Directory).

Sofia Medical University’s history brings with it many traditions and experience. After over 100 years of teaching, the last fifteen including its English language medical course, the Medical University of Sofia offers all students an excellent center for furthering their education. The high level of theoretical and practical training, including postgraduate, (Masters, PhD and Residency) leads to a Medical Doctor certification that is valid in the EU and EEA countries.

The Medical University of Sofia has four Faculties of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health. All provide a research-based education that prepares its students who study medicine in Sofia to be fully integrated and contribute to the dynamically changing environment. With 43 departments and clinical center, this Sofia medical school offers the student a comprehensive educational spectrum of medicine fostering an interdisciplinary approach to both studies and research.

There is an opportunity for pre-courses in Bulgarian or English, and the six-year course is held over two semesters each year, commencing in September for 15 weeks and February for 15 weeks. The six-year study of medicine in Sofia is structured into two years of preclinical study, followed by three years of clinical study. The last, the sixth year, is devoted to the state clinical practice (internship).

Graduates of the Medical University of Sofia are conferred a Master’s degree along with the professional qualification of Physician.

Sofia at a Glance

  • The university offers student hostels. For shared accommodation or single flats, some are available at a low cost.
  • Shopping malls and small markets are plentiful, with prices dependent upon goods being local or imported.
  • Excellent healthcare options with 14 hospitals and an assortment of private medical centers.
  • Sofia has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • Must-see attractions include Boyana Church, a 900-year-old church that is home to the National Museum, and the Elephant Bookshop where you will find books in English and other languages.
  • Take note: In Bulgaria one nods to say "no" and shakes the head to indicate "yes".