University Fast Facts

6 Year MD Course - Approx €8,000 per year
Graduate Entry
No graduate entry course at this university
5 Years DMD Course - Approx €8,000 per year
Entry Requirements
Biology and Chemistry (A-level)
Entrance Exams
Yes in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy
Living Cost
Between €1,000 to €1,500 per month

The Medical University of Plovdiv At A Glance

  • Founded in 1945 as the medical faculty of Plovdiv university become an independent medical School in 1950.
  • Total number of students is 3,800.
  • The University has 4 Faculties, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public Health.
  • In 2013 the European Business Assembly (EBA) at Oxford Summit of Leaders "Science and Education" conference in Oxford, credited Medical University of Plovdiv as the ‘Best University.’
  • Linked with the 2,000-bed University Hospital St George.
  • The University library carries more than 170,000 volumes in many languages.
  • The Youth and Science Annual Competition are hosted here to encourage young doctors in the area of medical research. The best research papers are published in medical journals.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at The Medical University of Plovdiv

Initially established as a medical faculty of Plovdiv University in 1945, the university has undergone several incarnations, finally being given the name it is known as today, the Medical University of Plovdiv in 2002. This Plovdiv medical university offers training in English in Medicine and Dentistry, both six-year courses, plus a four-year course in healthcare management. Staffed by over 130 professors, all recognized specialists in their fields and 600 deputy or assistant professors. Since 1959, the leading Bulgarian medical magazine, Folica Medica, has been produced by the university.

To study medicine in Plovdiv, the Medical University of Plovdiv’s program is six years, involving training in preclinical and clinical disciplines, followed by a one-year clinical rotation. The teaching process is in accordance with the modern requirements of higher education in medicine. Lecturers and teachers have years of experience in theoretical instruction as well as using modern facilities and equipment.

The University encourages its students to develop skills not only in medicine, but personal development, going outside one’s comfort zone and developing the interpersonal skills one needs to be a caring doctor. The Medical University of Plovdiv has an excellent reputation, garnered over 70 years of producing well trained, mature individuals who are ready to make a difference. Upon graduation and passing the state exams, students are awarded the degree of Master of Science and the professional qualification of physician.

Plovdiv at a Glance

  • Plenty of reasonable private rentals are available for students.
  • A mixture of modern malls, like Shopping Center Hali and a pedestrian central shopping area.
  • Plenty of produce markets throughout the city.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Many tourist attractions from Roman Theatre to the popular ‘Escape Rooms’.
  • A visit to at least one vineyard is a must.
  • The city holds a number of cultural festivals throughout the year. In 2019, Plovdiv will celebrate of being a European City of Culture.