The pre-med course that will secure your place to study medicine in Europe

About the pre-med course


We have developed pre-med courses with university entrance exams in mind, helping you to feel prepared and confident when embarking upon your medical studies in Europe.

The pre-med courses prepare you for entrance exams to over 40 medical universities in 16 different EU countries, as well as medical universities in the UK and USA. By taking on of our pre-med courses, you’re not only setting yourself up for success in your entrance exams, but also for the first year of medical school, as we cover many subjects within the degree syllabus.

Choose from a 12 or 21 week course, covering Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Anatomy and Cognitive Skills, all taught by experienced lecturers. Your tutor-led lessons will be supported by your own study and homework assignments, where you can expand upon your learning and complete further reading, giving a well-rounded medical knowledge. With our tutors’ support and guidance, you will complete over 30 mock exams to prepare you for your actual entrance exam, ensuring that there are no surprises when it comes to the real thing.


No financial risk


With our money-back guarantee, you can take steps towards a medical career with the peace of mind that your investment will pay off. We’re so confident in our skilled teachers, our strategic syllabus and the success rate of our graduates, that we are happy to offer a money back guarantee. So if you don’t secure a place at a European medical university after completing and passing your pre-med course with London Medical Academy, you’ll get a full refund. However, since LMA graduates are so well-prepared for their entrance exams, we have not yet had any students needing to claim this guarantee.

The English pre-med course from London Medical Academy prepares you for your entrance exams at European medical schools


At London Medical Academy, our goal is to prepare students for their entrance exams, and the start of their medical degree at any of the 40+ possible medical universities in 12 different European countries, as well as the UK and USA, upon successful completion of our pre-med course.

Small classes allow for individual and intensive tuition with our dedicated lecturers, all of whom hold academic degrees in scientific subjects, and have taught at renowned universities across the UK and Europe.

Our pre-med courses are specifically designed for those who would like to prepare for entrance examinations to European universities offering medical degrees in Europe such as Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Slovakia.

If you are considering applying to study medicine in Europe, the pre-med courses can ensure that you get a recognised qualification, making it so much easier to achieve success in your application to university, and beyond.


Why study medicine in Europe?


Many students are finding that applying to medical school in the UK has become increasingly difficult, due to high fees and increased competition for limited places. Attending a medical study program in English in Europe has become an increasingly popular option, giving students unique cultural experiences, as well as a smoother application process.

By studying medicine in Europe with an English speaking programme , you receive the same high-quality education as found in the UK, while achieving your dream of studying medicine.


Prepare for the individual entrance exams at over 40 European medical universities


We can help you to reach your full potential in your medical entrance exams to universities across Europe with English courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Studies, allowing you to study in countries including Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, Cyprus and the Czech Republic.

Prepare for your BMAT

Taking a pre-med course at London Medical Academy is designed to prepare you for your BMAT. The BMAT, or BioMedical Admissions Test, is used by universities to test your potential to succeed on a medical degree, by incorporating mutiple-choice problem-solving, critical thinking and written questions in the fields of science and mathematics. The BMAT forms part of the admissions process for universities here in the UK, for universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and London. It is also used by universities in Hungary, Croatia and the Netherlands.

Prepare for your IMAT

The International Medical Admissions Test, or IMAT, is the entrance exam used by all Italian medical universities which offer English courses, to test your aptitude for studying medicine. Based on problem-solving, data analysis, general and scientific knowledge, this is a multiple-choice test which takes place in September each year. Make sure you are fully prepared for your application to an Italian university by taking London Medical Academy’s English-language pre-med course, which has been developed with the IMAT syllabus in mind. The IMAT applies to Italian universities in cities like Bologna, Milan, Rome, Napoli, Bari and Pavia.

Prepare for your SATs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) are often used for university admissions tests, with SATs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics being particularly applicable to medical degrees. Designed to assess your readiness for university-level study, these tests require a well-rounded knowledge of the core scientific subjects. Our pre-med course is tailored to prepare you for your SATs, so you can feel armed with all of the key knowledge required.

Prepare for your MCAT

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a computer-based entrance exam for prospective medical students at univerities in the US, Australia, Canada and Caribbean, for students who wish to apply to a four-year MD course via a Graduate Entry Program, fast-tracking your medical degree by taking your current degree into account. This lengthy exam is designed to assess your skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, analysis and scientific knowledge. Make sure you go into your MCAT feeling confident and prepared, by taking a pre-med course with our partners London Medical Academy.


The benefits of taking a pre-med course with London Medical Academy include:

  • Easy degree entry: London Medical Academy’s pre-med course covers a significant portion of the first semester of your medical degree, in addition to preparing you for the entrance exam

  • Certificate upon pre-med course graduation: This certificate is recognised by a few of the medical universities in Europe

  • BMAT, UCAT, GAMSAT, IMAT, SAT and MCAT: We cover each of the topics included in these detailed admission tests

  • Teaching in English: Promotes language skills for non-native speakers; the ideal preparation for studying at home and abroad

  • Free university application management: We provide pre-med course students with our university placement service free of charge, which include assistance with your application process and entrance exam arrangement, the whole relocation process to your new university country, assistance and support through your whole degree. We will also support you after your graduation to help you enter the UK health system as a physician or dentist