University Fast Facts

6 Year MD Course - Approx €15,000 to €17,000 per year
Graduate Entry
No graduate entry course at this university
5 Year DMD Course - Approx €15,000 to €17,000 per year
Entry Requirements
A-Levels in any subjects
Entrance Exams
Yes in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy
Living Cost
Approx €1,000 to €1,500 per month

Semmelweis University At A Glance

  • Hungary’s oldest university founded in 1769.
  • Over 10000 students and an academic staff of 1500.
  • More than 3000 international students.
  • 5 faculties, 27 clinics, 80 departments and research groups.
  • Its Motto is “Servamus vitam atque servimus” (“Protecting and serving life”).
  • Awarded the prestigious Research University title.
  • Named in honour of Ignác Semmelweis, the revolutionary 19th-century obstetrician.

Study Medicine in Hungary at Semmelweis University

For studying abroad, few places offer the wonderful setting and lively atmosphere of Budapest with its charm and the most striking panoramas in Europe.

Semmelweis University is the oldest university in Hungary with a history dating back to 1769 when Queen Maria Theresa first added a medical faculty to the original University of Nagyszombat. During the 1950s, the university was affiliated with several hospitals and the Medical Faculty became an independent institution for the first time. International relations and English language programs were then started and by the 1990s, there were over 3100 hospital beds at the University’s clinics. The Budapest medical university was quickly becoming a force Hungary and Europe.

Today, Semmelweis University is also one of Hungary’s largest healthcare providers, offering healthcare to over 2.3 million patients every year. With more than 10,000 students, 8,000 employees and 27 clinics, this Budapest medical school has a distinguished place in both the Hungarian health and higher education systems. Semmelweis University is one of the premier universities in Budapest for international students.

The departments of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry offer students a well respected and outstanding center of research. Their clinical work is carried out in close cooperation with education and research, to jointly benefit all three areas.

Semmelweis University culture is built on “the classic trinity” of education, healthcare and research and provides a high-quality education, which is acclaimed internationally. For those who want to study medicine in Budapest, the choice of Semmelweis University couldn’t be better.

Budapest at a Glance

  • Made up of two sides, Buda and Pest, which are separated by the Danube River. Each side has its own distinct flavor.
  • The "City of Spas" has more thermal and medicinal water springs than any other capital city in the world.
  • Vibrant and exciting city shopping and night life. A visit to a "ruin pub" is a must.
  • Summer season arts and music festival program. Open air clubs are in full swing near the University area.
  • Margaret Island is a beautiful park on an island in the Danube.
  • Rich and diverse culture with numerous attractions, including Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion.