Our Mission

Our mission is to help students from the UK and the rest of the world get places at the best medical universities in Europe to study Medicine (undergraduate entry and graduate entry courses) and Dentistry in English. There is an acute shortage of doctors in many countries including the UK and we aim to change that by making medical studies more accessible to everyone. We are medical doctors and academic professionals ourselves and we’re here to guide students towards realising their dreams of becoming doctors.

Our University Network

We can help you secure a place at the perfect school to suit your needs and budget, as we work with a network of over 40 different medical universities in 16 different European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova and Armenia. These schools offer the best medical education in Europe with courses taught in English, which is comparable to studying medicine in the UK.

We offer guaranteed placement to partner universities in Georgia and Ukraine. Contact our placement team for more details.

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Our University Partners

Within our medical university network we have have several partner universities who we have worked with for several years. We can fully recommend these universities due to their exceptional facilities, reputation and feedback from our past students. Because of our close relationship with these partner universities, students who apply with us have a better chance of being offered a place to study at these medical schools because of the reputation of our previous students.

Private Academic Consultations

One of the most difficult steps in the process of getting place to study medicine in Europe is deciding which schools to apply to. There are so many things to factor into the decision including the location, tuition fees, costs of living, admission process, entrance exams, university facilities and much more.

We offer private academic consultations to help you make these decisions knowing that you are choosing the right universities to meet your budget and personal requirements. You initial consultation is free, which is to make sure that you would meet the requirements to study medicine in Europe.

Your second private consultation is a detailed consultation of up to 2 hours where we would present all of the options for studying medicine in Europe based on your personal circumstances and we would advise and answer all questions relating to the universities locations, tuition fees, costs of living, admission process, entrance exams and university facilities. After this consultation you will have all the information you need to decide on which universities to apply.

This private academic consultation is included as part of our easy placement service but it is also available for people who wish to apply to universities directly.

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Guaranteed Placement Service

The process of completing your university application documentation can be stressful and overwhelming, but it needn’t be. Our placement team are fully experienced in supporting students to complete professional applications to the medical universities of their choice, with all of the required documentation prepared and presented in the correct format, including translations, payments and submissions.

We offer three application management and placement services: Application management to partner universities (free), application management to non partner universities (£499 per university) and guaranteed placement for universities in Georgia and Ukraine (£1299).

Rest assured that taking one of our application management and placement services will mean that your university applications will be as smooth as possible, as we will be there to assist and guide you every step of the way. Please see our application and placement page for more information.

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Passing University Entrance Exams

The best medical universities in Europe require applicants to pass tough entrance exams in order to be offered a place. These are equivalent to the entrance exams used by medical universities in the UK and are usually focused on biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, mathematics and cognitive skills (problem solving).

Depending on which universities you are applying to and based on your current academic background in science subjects, we can help you with either a self study tuition package or with one of our pre-med study courses which can be taken either online or in London Please see our courses page for more information.

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