What is the IMAT?

The International Medical Admissions Test, or IMAT, is a test used by medical universities in Italy to assess your suitability for a medical degree course. The test is completed by international students looking to study Medicine in Italy in English.

It gives you the chance to strengthen you university application by showing your scientific and mathematical aptitude under test conditions, a well as your ability to problem-solve and communicate.

The test is delivered by the Italian Ministry of Education Universities and Research, in association with Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing.

The IMAT is a written test, which allows you 100 minutes in which to complete 60 multiple-choice questions. The test is comprised of four sections:

  • Section one tests logical reasoning and general knowledge, with 22 multiple-choice questions to assess your problem-solving skills
  • Sections two, three and four all test your scientific knowledge, with 38 multiple-choice questions on Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths

How can we prepare you for the IMAT test?

We have developed our pre-med course to specifically prepare you for your IMAT, by familiarising you with the required content of the test and coaching you on past papers, all with the aim of boosting your IMAT score.

In terms of scoring, Italian and EU candidates require a minimum of 20 points, with no minimum score requirement for non-EU candidates.

Correct answers are awarded 1.5 points, with unanswered questions awarded 0 points, and incorrect answers deducting 0.4 points from your total. You will be given an overall IMAT score, as well as a score for each individual section of the test.

If you’re applying to a medical school which requires completing the IMAT, our pre-med course is here to make sure you feel confident and prepared for this important step in your medical education. Our experienced lecturers prepare you for the knowledge required for the exam, as well as giving you the experience needed to manage your time and keep calm under pressure.

By delivering our pre-med course in smaller class groups, LMA are able to give you the personal attention needed, to ensure you’re fully prepared with the necessary skills.

Studying Medicine in Italy in English is a popular option for budding doctors and dentists, therefore making the application process quite competitive. Proper preparation for the IMAT is encouraged, to give you the best possible chance of success.


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